Dr Peter Glidden Interviews Dr Joel Wallach in Park City, Utah

Dr. Wallach on Arthritis

Dr Joel Wallach Arthritis
In this interview about arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. Wallach reveals the real cause and solution for the debilitating disease that afflicts so many. Widely believed to be incurable by mainstream medicine, Dr. Wallach says the solution is really very simple and available to everyone. In fact, he calls it his ‘favorite disease’ because it’s so easy to fix. 

Interview Transcript

Park City, Utah

Dr. Peter Glidden: Now, Dr. Wallach, arthritis is on the rise all around the world and it’s a big problem for everybody, even if it’s just minor arthritis, right? You can’t play eighteen holes of golf anymore. You wait your entire life to retire, save up all your money for the golden years, and then even if it’s mild form of arthritis, your mobility is reduced, even if it’s just a little bit, it’s bad, it’s a problem. And, the conventional medical industry really has nothing for this except anti-inflammatory meds, pain medications, and then surgery, and then when the surgery fails, another surgery. So, let’s talk about your experience and your perspective on the arthritic condition.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well, Dr. Glidden, every vertebrate, whether an alligator, an elephant, a hummingbird or a human being, a dog, a fish, gets arthritis. It’s not a human thing, it’s a vertebrate thing. And arthritis is a mineral deficiency, vitamin deficiency, protein deficiency, omega 3 essential fatty acids deficiency disease of the muscular-skeletal system, is kind of the short way to say it. And, the number of nutrients that we require to prevent these things from happening is the 90, of course. And people falsely believe, “If I drink some of this calcium and take Tums and things like that, I’ll get everything I need for my bones.” Well, that’s not gonna work. You can’t eat broccoli and get enough calcium. You cannot eat tomatoes and get enough calcium and vitamin A.

You just can’t do it.

And so the industry, when we don’t have health insurance, where a veterinarian can’t use the animal as an ATM machine, or lock-box in a bank, what they had to do was learn how to prevent on a herd level these diseases, or deal with them after they occurred in a petty animal era down the line. And of course, we dealt a lot with this with commercial dog foods for instance, or commercial rat foods, or commercial horse foods, and this is how we dealt with arthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis, bone to bone arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis which has a little bit different twist to it. And so, we did this on a herd basis, or a flock basis. It’s very economical, very effective, and it added many healthful, productive years to a chicken’s life, a cow’s life, a sheep’s life, a human’s life. And in the old days people supplemented with minerals every day. Now, most will say, “Come on, I used to hang around my grandmother and she never supplemented.” “Well, how old was your grandmother?”

“Well, she was 102.”

“Does she have a wood stove?”

“Oh yea, she had a wood stove till the day she died.”

“What’d they do with the ashes of the fire?”

“Well they threw them out in the garden.”

Well ashes are minerals and dumb luck some places have more minerals in them than others where the trees grow. When you burn the trees for fuel, when you burn the wood for fuel, the powder that’s left in the stove or the fireplace or the fire pit, in several countries, it’s not really ashes, it’s the minerals that are left when you burn away the carbon, the fuel. And they threw out these minerals, aka wood ashes, into the garden, and this is how they got their minerals. They worked out in the sun, they got their vitamin D, they ate sweet potatoes and tomatoes, which are rich in vitamin A, they would eat fresh vegetables and get their vitamin C, and this is how people lived, they lived off the land, they had all this fresh stuff, they planted, they harvested, ate it that day, and things were really in pretty good shape for many peoples. Not everybody, ’cause some places didn’t have enough minerals.

Well, as soon as we invented electricity at three o’clock in the afternoon, Monday, September fourth of 1882 on Pearl Street, New York City, Thomas Edison pulled the switch on electricity. Everything began to fall apart. Because our traditional source of minerals went away. An ecosystem got locked into the four food groups, it got locked into the seven food group pyramid, and the people as a result are a victim.

Well, as you point out, Dr. Glidden, the medical system developed pain relief. Which is very good, nobody has to be in pain, right? Pain relief. but what they’ve done in more modern times with the pain relief thing is that they’ve gone almost exclusively to narcotics, which require prescription, you can’t just go to the drug store and buy some over the counter. That’s not strong enough anymore, so you have to go in for a prescription. The doctors become very clever. What they do is they give you a prescription for a month. They don’t give an open prescription for a year, they give you a prescription for a month.

“Honey, we have to go get my prescription filled.”

“We just got I t filled last month!”

“Well, it’s only for a month, I gotta go get my prescription filled.”

So Grandma Ruthie goes and the doctor says, “Look, I need to satisfy the legal thing here, ’cause it is a narcotic. I need to give you a quick exam and then I’ll write your prescription.” He says, “You know, looking at you, you might have a little bit of something going on here, I need to put you in the hospital for a couple of days and run a  bunch of tests.” And he writes the prescription. She takes it and reports to the hospital that evening and he runs a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of tests. He says, “you know, you get your kidney functions down a little bit, so what we’re gonna do is schedule you for dialysis.” Now, usually, historically, they’ll put people on dialysis when their creatinine get above six. Well, now her creatinine is 2.7. Normal is 0.9. So he puts her on dialysis. We’ll do just once a week, if it creeps up we’ll have to go to two, we’ll start once a week. And insurance pays. So now he’s taking a financial crisis and turning it into a financial I-hit-the-motherlode situation.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Yea.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yea, this is what’s going on right now. and so people, if they were to use our 90 essential nutrients, the secret sauce, that deal with maintaining and repairing and supporting, maintenance repair of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae, bone matrix, bone cell. You’ll find that you just never get these problems. I’m 75 years old, I don’t have these problems. I have complete range of motion, I have no pain, I can stand on my feet six, eight, ten hours without having to sit down. And so, I don’t have the problems that somebody who’s not supplementing will het because in the turnover all biological systems are whether it’s protein, or minerals, or vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, they’re turning everything over. If you don’t have a constant supply to replace it, you begin to get deficiencies, and that’s what arthritis is.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Well, prevention of course is one thing, and who isn’t for prevention, right? When you know how to do it correctly then life is good, and supplement with the 90 essential nutrients, appropriate for body weight, give your bones and joints in this case the raw materials that they need and the right recipe with all of the stuff that’s necessary, all of the factors —

Dr. Joel Wallach: The secret sauce.

Dr. Peter Glidden: The secret sauce. And life is good. But what about when somebody already has arthritis. They didn’t know any of this. They’re 20 years old, they’re 40 years old, they’re 60 years old and they have an arthritic knee, what can we do for that?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well, actually it’s quite easy. Even Harvard Medical School, Orthopedics Department, came out in July 2012, they looked at a meta-study of 300,000 records. 300,0000 records. They published it in the New England Journal of Medicine in July 2002. They said, “Joint surgery for arthritis is worthless.”

Dr. Peter Glidden: They said what?

Dr. Joel Wallach: There’s a headline in the New England Journal of Medicine, July 2002, Harvard Medical School, a meta-study of 300,000 records of people who had joint replacement. They said joint replacement surgery, hip and knee replacement surgery, for arthritis, is worthless. It was the headline.

Dr. Peter Glidden: That was 2002.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes, sir.

Dr. Peter Glidden: When we’re recording this, it’s 2014. That was 12 years ago. So, why haven’t they stopped doing knee and hip surgery?

Dr. Joel Wallach: ‘Cause people have insurance, they’re still willing to go get the surgery. ‘Cause the doctor convinces them that’s the only thing to do. It kinda goes back to the whole thing that people will get second, third, and fourth and five bids to get a new roof put on,  but when your doctor, when “my doctor” they’re very protective there of my doctor, or “my doctor says I need a knee replacement,” I’m gonna get a knee, my doctor’s the best. Just ask his secretary.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Well, like the fellow said, right? When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. But you would think that in a profession that espouses itself to be the king of the scientific method, the double-blinded placebo control, we have to research everything fellows. Even when the research, the research published, goes against the prevailing clinical trends, it takes a long time for that to enter into the mainstream. Okay, so let’s say I develop arthritis, I’m in my 50s, what am I gonna do?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well, you take the 90 essential nutrients, plus the secret sauce appropriate for body weight, and this will support and promote maintenance, repair of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae, which is another story, bones and bone matrix. Usually within 90 days we can take people with bone to bone arthritis in excruciating pain complete loss of range of motion, and the doctor said, “look, we’re gonna send an ambulance to get you and take you right to the surgery you’re so bad.” And within 90 days, I can legally say, support and promote maintenance, repair of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae and so on. Well, four years later, after that 2002 study came out, that same group of orthopedic surgeons from Harvard Medical School, looked through the same records of 300,000 people that had had the joint replacement surgeries. They looked at their backs. They said, “well, surgery for back problem, for back pain, sciatic, a bulging disc ruptured, these peripheral neuropathies, pain, numbness, burning in your feet and legs, is not necessary and unnecessarily dangerous, don’t do it. Doing nothing is better than getting the surgery.” this is Harvard Medical School in November of 2006.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Doing nothing?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Doing nothing is better than the surgery.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Unbelievable.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yea. And so, of course, again using the same system and we can support, promote matrixes repair of the discs between the vertebrae and people actually gain a little bit of height ’cause the discs will get thicker, juicier, and we can eliminate bone spurs in the vertebrae and the hips and heels and so forth, and you don’t need to go get surgery for these things. ‘Cause you give the bones raw material that the perfect architecture will rebuild itself. Now rheumatoid arthritis is a little bit of a different problem, it has two things going on at the same time. Number one, you’re having progressive arthritis and you might have osteopenia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis, bone to bone arthritis, bone spurs, but you also have an infection with the blood called mycoplasma. Mycoplasma typically is a respiratory bug. People have pleurisy and chronic bronchitis, they will have a mycoplasma infection. When it gets into the blood stream, it sets up housekeeping in your joints. It’s called rheumatoid arthritis. Now, I can cure rheumatoid arthritis in two weeks.

Dr. Peter Glidden: With minocycline?

Dr. Joel Wallach: With minocycline, which is a member of the tetracycline family. It’ll kill that bug just like you can cure syphilis with two weeks of penicillin, I cure strep throat with two weeks of penicillin. I cure pneumonia with an antibiotic, I can — pneumococcus, pneumonia, with penicillin in two weeks. I can cure bacteriomeningitis with antibiotics. Well, I can cure rheumatoid arthritis with minocycline, a member of the tetracycline family, but you still have the residual damages, you still have to do the 90, you still have to do the secret sauce to repair the damage. Now, I prefer not to use antibiotics if I don’t have to, and people have long-standing rheumatoid arthritis for 20, 30 years and are all gnarled up, I don’t feel bad about using a blend of herbs to actually support the immune system. And two of those eight herbs in this blend actually have antimicrobial properties, they can kill the viruses and bacteria, the various bugs that are involved with these types of diseases. So I prefer to use the herbs. If it’s hot, and obvious infection, it’s swelling, and red, tender, if it’s a new infection that you just got it or kids with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, they’re just really — you can tell their hands three times bigger than they should be — a very active infection, I’ll use a minocycline on them and knock that down right away and then use the 90 essential nutrients, the secret sauce, to rebuild everything. Of course, kids with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis recover very quickly because they haven’t had the disease for decades, and so deformities aren’t there.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Well especially in 2014 now, in the 21st century, we’re seeing an unparalleled rise in antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. And the reason that this is on the rise is because of the rampant abuse and overuse of antibiotics. So, it’s not the gun, it’s how it’s used; it’s not the drug it’s how it’s used. Always a better idea in a non-life-threatening situation, if there is an alternative to an antibiotic, to go that route and the product that you’ve developed is a mixture of herbs the intention of which is to support and promote the immune system of the body, to help the immune system actually get on the other side of the infection.

Dr. Joel Wallach: You got it, that’s exactly right. Of course, you use the 90 essential nutrients and the secret sauce for the rebuilding process. And I do it, I just turned 75 a couple of weeks ago, and again, I’ve been taking the 90 essential nutrients including the secret sauce for 68 years. And most people think I’m in my 50s. And the goal here is to be 200 chronologically, while being biologically 60. And I believe it’s doable. I believe it’s doable and so that’s — where trying to get as many people as we can on the train to go there.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Well, as far as genetic science is concerned, the human body has the potential to make it to 120 years of age. Now, the stuff that we’re finding out now with epigenetics and with research about antiaging shows that there are things that you can do with diet and with nutritional interventions to even increase that beyond 120. But in the United States, for goodness’ sake, we’re lucky if we make it into our 80s. And even if we do make it into our 80s, the last 10 years aren’t that pretty. So this is a big deal, what we’re talking about.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes, of course. And searching this stuff out, there’s enormous amounts of records in modern times where there’s drop-dead unarguable unimpeachable information where there’s people who’ve lived to be 160, 180, 200, 250, and the government would give them a certificate. Every 50 years, same guy, fingerprints, everything. It’s just crazy. And that’s because by dumb luck they live in a place that had all 60 essential minerals and salt, where they were getting the trees and burning them for fuel, putting those plant minerals, aka wood ashes into the garden. Dr. Lee, from China. He’s the classic. 261 years of age.

Dr. Peter Glidden: 261 years of age?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yea. Documented, every 50 years by the Chinese government from the time he was 100, every 50 years they’d give him a certificate. And he would lecture to a thousand doctors every 50 years, and he was an herbalist, and kind of an interesting guy, a lot of his writings and things. Actually in the book, in his obituary it’s in the book, his obituary came out in 1933. And his obituary is in the book “Rare Herbsmen Cures” and tells his whole story. So we have the potential to go well beyond 200 in modern times. And again, when we give the body everything it needs, including the 90 essential nutrients, as you pointed out Dr. Glidden, you’re going to give the genes, the DNA and the RNA, all the cofactors that they need to maximize their potential, to reach their genetic potential and I believe genetic potential might even be longer than 250 because he did it by dumb luck and it just sorta happened by dumb luck. Well, what if we consistently get 1,000 people every month doing the 90 essential nutrients. I’ll guarantee that our little demographic will have a higher average lifespan of death than the people who are just “eating well”.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Not to mention a greater quality of life.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Oh, absolutely.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Which is a big deal.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yea, absolutely. You don’t wanna be miserable all your life and be on 27 prescription drugs, the only social life you have is visiting your 12 specialists.

Dr. Peter Glidden: So ladies and gentlemen, here it is. You can leave it to dumb luck, and hope against hope and roll those dice that you’re living in an area where the soil has all the minerals that the body needs, and that by some luck of the draw your food is replete with everything that your body needs, or you can lean on the advice of the world’s leading expert on medical nutrition, Dr. Joel Wallach. Give your body every single solitary day the right stuff, the 90 essential nutrients, the secret sauce, in amounts appropriate for your body weight. Maximize your body’s ability to optimize its structure and function and live a long and healthy life. If I were you, I’d follow Dr. Wallach.

Dr. Peter Glidden: So doc, in your illustrious career, you’ve helped thousands of people, thousands of people all around the world, to recover their health and really it’s just remarkable. Let’s talk about some of the more famous, the more noteworthy people that you’ve helped.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well, since we’ve been on the track of arthritis, let’s look at some of the famous people that have come to me with arthritis problems. And again, I would say there’s probably closer to millions that we’ve helped with the system, ’cause we do this worldwide in over 50 countries right now.

So we’re looking at Andy Young, 1991, scheduled. From the civil rights movement, mayor of Atlanta, ambassador to the United Nations under President Jimmy Carter, this is no backyard guy who’s a landscaper. This guy is politically connected, he’s a pastor, he knows people all over the world, a wonderful man, and a mutual friend introduced us because he was scheduled to have both his knees replaced in 1991. He gave me 90 days, that’s my favorite thing, 90 days, 90 essential nutrients. And, in 90 days, we were able to support and promote maintenance repair, rebuilt his knees, all the cartilage grew back, he did not have to have his knee replacements. And now of course, here we are 2014, he still has never had any joint placed ’cause he’s been taking my stuff for ever and ever, since 1991.

And then you look at Pat Boone. He’s an Americana guy, he’s sort of living Norman Rockwell kind of person, just a great, very faithful man of God, made great movies, a lot of great music, and great family man, great American, I love all his patriotic songs. And he came to us about six months ago, again, with knee problems, back problems, and he didn’t want the surgery, he just didn’t want the surgery. And a mutual friend of ours, Pastor Benny Hinn — they’re connected, both being religious men of God — and Pastor Benny Hinn said, “Why don’t you contact Dr. Wallach?”  And so Pat Boone contacted me. There we go, we’re sitting in his living room, going over his complaints about his knee, his back, I’m sitting in Pat Boone’s living room. And he got on the program, the 90 essential nutrients plus the secret sauce, and he’s a busy guy, he’s all over the world, he has to go everywhere for his wonderful insights on things and his music. And in 90 days, he’s 90% better. Of course he was out for a while, ’cause he left the country, he didn’t take his supply with him. Well, now he’s taking the powders with him everywhere. And it’s all gone. He’s a totally rebuilt man. Now he can sing, he can dance, he can do all the things he was losing the capacity to do in just a few months. And he’s been able to avoid knee replacement, hip replacement, back surgery.

And then another fellow, Danny Glover, one of my favorite “detectives” guys, and also cowboys, in certain movies. He is one of my heroes with Mel Gibson in those detective movies, Lethal Weapon kinda stuff. And, Danny Glover was also headed for knee replacement surgery. And very quickly, he recovered very quickly, it was less than 90 days. We were able to regrow his knees, his back, and I was able to spend a lot of time with him, over the last month or so, putting on events and meetings, and he’s coming and he’s speaking at these meetings and telling his story, he’s so excited about it because he was so fearful that he was going to have the surgery, ’cause the doctor told him there was no other options.

Then an athlete, Theo Ratliff, 28 years old, had bone to bone arthritis in both his knees, an NBA shot blocker champion, playing for the Atlanta Hawks, cartilage pops off his right hip, catches a pass made by his teammate, breaks his wrist, he loses his position because the orthopedic surgeons for the Atlanta Hawks said, “this guy’s too fragile to play ball,” broke his contract, and again, here’s were Andrew Young, ’cause I’d helped him, contacted Theo and said, “look, were gonna connect you with Dr. Wallach,” and in 90 days, rebuilt him. Got his contract back, plus 40-million-dollar contract, played 14 more years, retired after his last three years with the LA Lakers, and we actually in addition to the 90 essential nutrients and the secret sauce, for supporting and promoting maintenance, repair of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae, in that pack there’s a pain reliever. You can rub this cream on the joint, the pain goes away in 10 minutes, and you have three to five hours of pain relief, you don’t have to suffer or get narcotics while you’re waiting for the healing to take place. And we actually made a sports drink for Theo, and he goes around the country and he has just done some great things for us, sharing the information.

We also have a couple of body builders and weight lifters. Fred Glass, he’s actually my age, 75 years old, and he holds about half a dozen world titles, in the masters’ age, over 65. He bench presses with 400 lbs., he only weighs 147 lbs. And he’s, this guy’s a world-class athlete, and then Gene Nelson, natural body builder, Mr. Universe natural body builder. He had so much arthritis inn his back, in his shoulders, in his knees, he had to drop out, we rebuilt him. And now he’s on the circuit again, winning all these various events.

Dr. Peter Glidden: It’s really remarkable all of this stuff, and I think one thing that’s worthwhile mentioning with Theo Ratliff, the best orthopedic doctors in the NBA told him his career’s over, nothing you can do.

Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s correct.

Dr. Peter Glidden: He follows your advice, completely rebuilds his muscular skeletal system and not only that, came back into the NBA and led the league in rebounds, not only for that year, but for the following two years. Unbelievable story. And the icing on the cake, I think the jewel on the crown, a number of years ago I heard that Martin Luther King III showed up at a Youngevity convention and got up onstage in front of the assembled Youngevity nation and publicly thanked you for the work that you did with his mother, Coretta Scott King.

Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s correct, of course, the beautiful thing about the Youngevity thing is we get to meet so many wonderful people. And you’re seeing this, you’ve been an associate with us now for what, four or five years?

Dr. Peter Glidden: Yea, five years.

Dr. Joel Wallach: And just think of all the wonderful people you’ve met that you wouldn’t’ve met without your association with Youngevity. And I’m so very proud of what you do with us, because you have taken the bull by the horns, you put the bit in your teeth and you’re off and running, and what you do is really really great and I’m so very proud of our association, I can’t thank you enough.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Well, it goes both ways. In my clinical experiences as a naturopathic doctor for 20 plus years, I got great results with my patients. It’s kinda hard not to, when you’re supporting and promoting the body’s ability to fix itself. but since I’ve been following your lead, leaning on your research, using the Youngevity products, honestly sometimes I’m not even sure what planet I’m on anymore, because of the remarkable things that I’ve seen with my patients. It’s really a testimony to your decades of dedication, and your ability to let the criticism slip off of the shoulders, let it all just fall off of your back and continue to move forward here because in the final analysis, this is a mission. It’s a mission to help people recover their health because for chronic illness, conventional medicine has let us down, and it’s let us down hard. For goodness’ sake, leading cause of death in the United States, MD-directed medical therapeutics, leading cause of bankruptcy, MD-directed medical therapeutics, and our health is getting worse and worse and worse every year, and the average Joe on the street does not now that there do exist right now in real time science-based, clinically verified alternatives delivered and developed by licensed and regulated physicians that actually work. And ironically, we’ve been culturally conditioned to believe that healing is a complicated sophisticated process that should only happen in multimillion-dollar, high-tech facilities. Surgery is complicated. But in the final analysis, healing is easy. Because all that we do is give the body the stuff that it needs to fix itself, get out of the way, and let the body fix itself. As far as I’m concerned, Dr. Wallach, you are an icon of medicine, I can’t say enough about you.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well thank you, very gracious Dr. Glidden, thank you for being part of the team. We’re gonna save a lot of Americans, and we’re gonna need some help.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, guess what? There is another way, developed and delivered by the world’s leading expert, the physician who wrote the book on medical nutrition, delivered to anyone who has the ears to hear and the eyes to see. Dr. Peter Glidden, thank you so much for watching, and join us, join the revolution.