The Wallach Revolution

An Unauthorized Biography of a Medical Genius
Published by the Citizens Committee For Better Medicine
Dr Wallach Wallach Revolution Book Cover



  1. No Obstacle Too Great
  2. A Nutrition Science Leviathan
  3. Diseases of Exotic Animals
  4. Treating People Like Pachyderms
  5. Years of Autopsy, Research, and Scholarship
  6. The Cystic Fibrosis Discovery Suppressed by Yerkes Primate Center
  7. Knocked Down, Wallach Stands Up
  8. The Conventional Medical Paradigm
  9. The Naturopathic Way
  10. Wallach’s Global Empire
  11. Cystic Fibrosis in China: Further Debunking the Gene Theory of Disease
  12. The Race Based Gene Fallacy
  13. Epigenetics Versus Genetics
  14. The Importance of Bioavailability
  15. Ma Lan, Wallach’s Brilliant Partner
  16. Wallach Defeats FDA Censorship
  17. Wallach’s War on Conventional Medicine
  18. Wallach’s Global Army
  19. Transformations
  20. Reflections
  21. Wallach’s Unrelenting Drive, Vision and Legacy