The Truth is Ready to be Heard…

Dr Wallach on Coast to Coast with George Noory

Dr Joel Wallach on Coast to Coast with George Noory. With an audience of millions across the country, Dr Joel Wallach DVM, ND has now been on Coast to Coast AM radio with talk show host George Noory multiple times. He continues to be invited back because the message he brings to the world is that there is hope for help with their conditions through nutrition instead of dangerous drugs that are a constant cycle of nothing more in most cases than masking symptoms. Today’s educated public with access to more and more information are becoming aware of alternatives to drugs and surgery if not from Dr Wallach but from stories and testimonies of people who are experiencing life changing benefits of giving their bodies what they need to heal themselves.

The current medical establishment is trying desperately with the help of legislated monopolies and billions of dollars spent to discredit anything that might disrupt their hold on a public that has been their ATM for many, many years. As the truth starts to bubble up to the top, individuals are starting to understand they have a choice, and they have the power and responsibility for their own health. And Dr Wallach’s life mission is to share valuable information he has learned from the unique perspective of a veterinarian, comparative pathologist, and physician.