Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 6

Damon Davis: There are people watching that have been on that meri-go-round, that roller coaster – the up and the down, the yo-yo effect of failed diets and you’re saying it’s not just about eating right and it’s not just about exercising. You’ve got to have nutrients infused into your body. To not just tackle the issues of weight, but a whole host of sicknesses and diseases and stuff that people are facing.

Dr. Joel Wallach: 900 different disease could be solved with supplementation. Glaucoma, macular degeneration. Doctors will say, “well there’s nothing we can do about it. You’re going to go blind and there’s nothing we can do.” Well, I took a challenge from an eye doctor about 12 years ago in front of an audience about 300 people. The first question, “my grandmother’s 88 years old she’s been legally blind for six years with macular degeneration, can you do anything about it?” I said, “well yeah, I can get rid of that.”

A doctor jumped up in the back of the room and said “Wallach, you’re a liar, that’s impossible!!” I said, “okay, well who are you?”

He said, “Well, I’m an eye doctor.” I said,

“Ok, tell you what. Let’s have a little bit of a wager here. You give me 12 of your patients who are legally blind, six, eight, ten years from macular degeneration and we’ll put them on my program for, say, 90 days, if I can get half of them, if I can six out of the 12 to read 20/20 in 90 days, will you apologize in public?”

“If you can get two out of the twelve, I’ll apologize!”

Damon Davis: No doubt!

Dr. Joel Wallach: So, the next day he brings me (true story) be brings me a box of 27 charts and says “pick your 12.”

And I said, “wait a minute, why doing we do all 27 of them? And who’s going to pay for all of the supplements?”

And so he says, “I’m going to crow about you losing here if you lose.”

I said, “that’s right, but you’re going to apologize publicly if I win right?” He agreed.

We’re talking about half of them, right? 27, if I can do 12 or 15. In 90 days all of them could read 20/20. Only 2 of required glasses to do it. 25 of them didn’t need glasses. He did better than I asked for. I was expecting him to buy me a dinner and buy me a glass of wine and stand up in a restaurant and say “I want to apologize to Dr. Wallach.” But instead, he made me a CD and told the story in the CD. It’s called Seeing Is Believing.

Damon Davis: Wow. I believe that’s an amazing story by the way.

Dr. Joel Wallach: We do this thousands of times a month.

Damon Davis: I believe people are going to see the results of the information of the information that they will find in this book, Dr. Wallach. I believe there are people whose lives will be forever changed if they apply the strategies found in this book.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well they’re God’s strategies. People say, “what is it!?” It’s “The God Stuff” we call it..

Damon Davis: I mean this is really just “Hey, guess what God did?” If God were sick, which He’ll never be, what would He be doing? I mean these are the answers.

Dr. Joel Wallach: If we’re built in His image and we need them, then He needs them.

Damon Davis: He built our machines to need them.

Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s correct.

Damon Davis: Dr. Wallach, this has so enlightening and quite candidly encouraging to hear to today. To hear that there is hope. To hear that there are things that we can do to make a difference in our lives. And I want to thank you for spending this valuable time with me. We’re going to go to a break to that people watching can understand how they can get their hands on this amazing material. And when we come back, Dr. Wallach is going to share with you one simple strategy that you can take today to make and amazing difference – even today – even without getting the book, that you can apply today that can make a difference in your life.