Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 1


Damon Davis: Dr. Wallach, I want to welcome you to 1 On One.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Thank you Damon – I appreciate it.

Damon Davis: Well the hundred and fifty million of these books, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, really across the globe, I hear that people lives are being changed for the better. Share with us the man behind this book if you would, please sir.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Ok. When I was four years-old, I began to have facial ticks and noises and grunting noises and things – today’s it would be called Tourette Syndrome. By the time I was nine, all my friends thought I was possessed. It was bad. I was disabled. My mom to me to a medical doctor, an eye doctor, for some reason. He said “Well, I can’t find anything wrong with him except that he has long eyelashes hitting his glasses, curling back and tickling his eyeballs that’s what’s making all this happen.” Well, I was 9 years old and I knew that wasn’t right.

I grew up on a little farm and before I’d get picked up in the morning to go to school, I had little chores and one of them I’d have to feed the little calves from out of a big bag of alfalfa pellets that were fortified with vitamins and minerals. You’d read the analysis label on it and it would say Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and so forth.

Well, I went to school the next day and began to look for a book – the Nurse’s Handbook. And I looked in the index for eyelash problems, eyelid problems. I got down to index C, cramps – well I was starting to play sports as a 9-year old and so maybe it was cramps. So I looked up it and it said Calcium deficiency. Well, there was Calcium in the pellets.

That day when the bus left me back at home, I started eating those calf pellets. The next morning, I threw the cheerios out to the chickens and put the calf pellets in my cereal bowl with milk. My mom wanted to take them away, my dad let me do it. In three day’s time my Tourette Syndrome was gone.

Damon Davis: Whoa. Doctor, 9 years-old and you’re in a library pulling out reference material trying to discover what’s going on in your body. Now that’s not what normal 9 year-olds do. You have been on a quest to discover what makes this body work since a very little boy.

Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s right. And I knew, just as you said, Damon, no 9 year-old figures this out. And so I knew when I was 9 years-old that this had to guidance from God Himself.