Birth Defects: Are They Preventable?

Are Birth Defects Preventable?

 And if they are, what mother or father wouldn’t want to do whatever it took to make sure their children were born healthy and happy. According to Dr Wallach, there is something you can do.

The following is an excerpt from Dr Wallach’s DVD ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’ (Someone Should Go To Jail): Health, Lies And Medicine. We present it here with permission. If you are having children, or are going to have children, or if you have children having your grandchildren, you’ll want to read what Dr Wallach has to say:

Joel D Wallach Explains the Importance of Nutrition Regarding Birth DefectsI’m a veterinarian. I also have a degree in comparative pathology, I do autopsies on animals and people. I also have a degree as a physician of Naturopathic Medicine. I’m a primary care physician in Oregon,  licensed in Oregon and California for 35 years. What I do differently from other doctors is I treat people like dogs, but they get better because with dogs we’ve learned how to eliminate 900 different diseases in dogs that still plague people. We’ve learned how to triple the lifespan of dogs.  We didn’t do that with organ transplants and stem cells and genetically engineered proteins and wonder drugs. We did it simply by putting vitamins and minerals in their canned dog food or bags of dried dog food. And then we eliminated every birth defect you can name and 10 times that many you can’t name. We eliminated all those birth defects just by putting vitamins and minerals in their food. There’s not a single birth defect you can name that’s genetically transmitted,  although doctors would tell you they are,  but there’s not a single genetically transmitted birth defect. They’re all nutritional deficiencies in the embryo.

Now the most important part of a human beings life is the first 91 days of pregnancy.  That’s when the embryo,  after fertilization- after the egg is fertilized with the sperm- the embryo goes down this assembly line and in 91 days its assembled. After that the rest of the 6 months of the pregnancy is just building size. Just like a car going down the assembly line. Lets say the car is going down the assembly line, lets say its a Rolls Royce, I mean we’re talking about a quarter of a million dollar car/half a million dollar car. When it gets the the point the fuel pump is supposed to be installed, there’s no fuel pumps but the car keeps going down the assembly line. Then there’s a place where the headlights are supposed to be installed, but there’s no headlights. It keeps going down the assembly line. When it comes off the line- the car will crank but it won’t start cause theres no fuel getting to it. It can’t drive at night cause there’s no lights. That’s what happens and we call them birth defects.

There’s not a single birth defects that’s genetic. In fact, all birth defects are preventable. We’ve done it in the animal industry!

So let’s look at some of this stuff, just so you don’t think I’m giving you false figures. When it comes to live births and first month’s survivability of our babies we’re number 41 in the world. But to say it’s the United States shame- that is not true, that is not true. Because you put up money. You spend more money than all the other nations in the world combined and so its not Americas shame. Its the OBGYN’s shame.  If every OGBYN was put in jail for six months every time they had a baby born with a birth defect in a pregnancy that they monitored, after a couple years there wouldn’t be any more babies born with birth defects because they’d learn what I’m going to teach you tonight. So pay attention here.

Now whether you agree with Sara Palin’s Politics or not she’s a very powerful woman. She’s the governor of Alaska. she was the vice president candidate for this United States for a very large party. And her OBGYN who monitored her pregnancy allowed her pregnancy to result in (I’m sure) a very nice child but with down syndrome. Trysomy 21, (Down syndrome) is not a genetically transmitted disease. Its a simple nutritional deficiency in the first ten minutes of pregnancy. When a woman misses two periods and then she goes on prenatal vitamins its two months too late. The first ten minutes of pregnancy- if you don’t have everything that baby needs- one out of every 700 babies out of the millions of babies that are born every year here in America 1 out of every 700 babies in this country are born with down syndrome.  Somebody needs to go to jail here folks. Totally unnecessary.

How many of you have heard of Cerebral Palsy? There’s a cerebellum, the little part of the brain that controls your fine motor movements so you can play the piano and stand on one foot, balance yourself- all this kind of stuff. Its called the cerebellum. And when the baby’s born it’s about the size of a tangerine if it’s normal. Babies with cerebral palsy- their Cerebellum is the size of a grape. It’s not genetic- its just when the baby’s going down the assembly line the stuff that was necessary to make that cerebellum wasn’t there. It could be the size of a grape, it could be half the size of a tangerine, three quarters the size of a tangerine. There’s extremely minor cerebral palsy, they’re somewhat modest, modestly severe and then there is some that are catastrophic like this young lady. Totally preventable.

You see, the embryo starts out as a disc that folds into a tube and with all this stuff going on if the things aren’t there that are supposed to be, you get all these defects. And who should we blame?  Should we blame ourselves? Is it America’s shame?  No, no, no it’s the OBGYN’s.  How much nutrition do they get?  Zero. Eight years of medical school to get zero nutrition. What is the most important thing in the life of an embryo? Nutrition. Somebody needs to go to jail.

And then, talk about all these cleft lip, cleft palettes these are all simple nutritional deficiencies of the embryo. When a baby is a flat disc and it folds up it doesn’t fold up all at once, its kinda like a zipper as it’s folding because it starts up at the top and goes all the way down to the bottom. You get belly button hernias, hiatal hernias of the diaphragm. You can find a good Christian surgeon who will donate his time to sew these kids up. It will cost you $250 to save the children, for the anesthesia and the suture material to fix them up so they can suck on a straw and speak intelligibly. They’re not gonna look beautiful like movie stars cause they’re still gonna have massive scars and things. These things are totally preventable!

So now you’re armed.  Now you’re dangerous cause you know something.  So when do you start a child with all 90 essential nutrients, all 90 essential vitamins and minerals?  Before there conceived! Before they’re conceived and all through the pregnancy as they’re developing. From the moment they’re born, and after one generation we will never have another child with any birth defects.