Damon Davis Talks with Dr Wallach

Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 2

Damon Davis: Absolutely. So you’ve spent a lifetime studying, researching… I call you a pioneer in discovering what’s really going on inside these bodies. And I must ask you – what is causing so many people to be so unhealthy? The world is sick, Doc! What’s going on out there?

Dr. Joel Wallach: It’s actually quite simple. The reason why we’re sick is we’re not giving out genes and our DNA and our RNA and our telomeres – the little end-caps on our chromosomes – everything they need to maximize their genetic potential which the Good Lord gave us.

One of the things that was really interesting to me was that God made us in his image. And I always thought as a kid “does God have hemorrhoids? does God have heart disease? Does God have diabetes? Does God have ringing in His ears?” And so somehow along the way we’re messing things up.

Damon Davis: But isn’t the food that we eat providing us the kind of nutrition that we need?

Dr. Joel Wallach: No. Just eating well isn’t enough. You have to do more than that. And the Good Lord picked the Garden of Eden to put Adam in because it was the perfect place nutritionally, chemically in the world. Now, it was perfect because there were four rivers dumping into there. It was the first Map Quest. Garden of Eden was East of Eden, four rivers – right? The Tigris, Euphrates, Pison, Gison dumping in there – so that place is still there. It’s the most fertile place on earth. So, God didn’t place Adam just anywhere, He put him in the most fertile place where he had the best chance to be everything he could be.

So, if you look at how minerals are distributed – and minerals make up two-thirds of our 90 essential nutrients – we need 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, 3 essential fatty acids. Whether you’re a humming-bird, a human being or an elephant – any vertebrate needs those 90 essential nutrients.

Damon Davis: Which means that God built us to need them?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes. There are some places on Earth where they’re perfect. And there’s many places on Earth where they’re not. In other words, some gardens might have three minerals in them, some might have 14, some might have 25, some might have 70. People who live in places where there’s 70 are going to live longer and be healthier than the ones that have three.

Damon Davis: So all soil isn’t the same?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Oh no.

Damon Davis: Well then, if I’m buying healthy food at my local grocery store and it looks good, and maybe even tastes great, I don’t know what soil that came from?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Exactly right. That’s our problem. So just cause you’re eating well and eating organic doesn’t mean anything when it comes to nutrition. It means nothing.

Damon Davis: Wow. Does it mean that I’m going to get then all of what – not what my body might need to have, you’re saying what my body must have?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Exactly. Here’s what we did originally. Up until a certain period of time, the universal fuel in the world was wood. You’d burn wood for heat and cooking and so forth. And there was stuff left over, we’d call them ashes. We’d take these minerals that the tree had sucked up out of the ground that didn’t burn when you burned the wood. We’d throw them in the garden and these wood ashes were our sources of nutritional mineral supplementation.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Monday September 4th 1882, that all changes. It was in a heartbeat that it all went away. A man by the name of Thomas Edison pulled the switch of the first commercial electric generating plant and people liked electricity.

What happened here was within ten years, everybody in the industrialized world converted from wood as the universal fuel to electricity. Well here comes the ultimate question: “how many wood ashes are left over every morning when you fuel your house with electricity?”

Damon Davis: Zero.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Zero! And what did we replace that traditional source of nutritional supplementation with? Nothing.

Damon Davis: Then what is happening absent these required nutrients that we’re supposed to have? Is that why our bodes are breaking down? Is that why we’re not healing naturally? I mean, am I getting it??
Dr. Joel Wallach: You got it. We’re not designed to have heart disease. We’re not designed to have diabetes. We’re not designed to have arthritis. We’re not designed to have Alzheimer’s disease. We’re not designed to have periodontal disease and low thyroid. And as we have these things, because the nutrients are missing in our food now