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Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 3

Damon Davis: You said it exactly as I read it in the Bible. He made us in His likeness and His image. He didn’t make us to be broken down. Right? He didn’t make us to be sick. He didn’t make us to be depleted of the ability to do all of these things that He created us to do. And I just believe there are people watching who have given in to whatever they’re facing. The doctor has given them a prognosis and it’s not a good one. And they have given in. They’ve become defeated because of how they feel every day. So, is it possible, as we get into this interview, for people that are watching, to get their mind set, that no matter where they are, no matter how bad they feel, you can help them do something about it – am I understanding that that’s what they’re going to discover in this book Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Exactly Damon, we’re going to be talking about God’s stuff. And what they have to appreciate is that they’ve been talking to people who are experts in misinformation. Every century there’ve been thousands of failed medical theories. And the twentieth century and twenty-first century have been no different.

There are thousands of failed medical theories, including saturated fat and cholesterol clogs your arteries and causes heart disease. That’s a failed theory. None of that’s true. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient like oxygen and water.

We’re not obese because we eat too much and lack enough exercise. We’re obese because we’re missing certain nutrients. It’s a nutritional deficiency to be obese. And then, of course, salt is good! The Good Lord said go forth and be the salt of the earth. And.. doctors say “don’t use salt!” God lives forever and doctors’ average lifespan, according to their own survey in 1999 is 56. So, on the salt thing, I’m going with God.

Damon Davis: Boy. Three examples you just gave, and I’m sure there’s plenty more in this book of what we’re hearing and have accepted as the truth. It’s not the truth at all. It’s confusing!

Dr. Joel Wallach: Each year in America, medical doctors kill, injure and infect 15 million patients in hospitals and clinics – and they get to walk. Nobody has their license suspended. Nobody goes to jail. Nobody gets a parking ticket.

Damon Davis: Gosh… Doc, this is a sobering moment for me because my father died of cancer. Prior to that, he had cardiomyopathy. They say he wasn’t the..

Dr. Joel Wallach: May I interject? Cardiomyopathy is a simple deficiency of a single mineral and if they were to supplement with all the 90 essential nutrients and take extra of this one mineral, we’d never have another case of cardiomyopathy heart disease.

Damon Davis: Ok, you’re killing me! What.. what’s the mineral?

Dr. Joel Wallach: It’s called Selenium.

Damon Davis: A nutrient.. could have made a difference?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Oh, I could have saved your father’s life. Yes.

Damon Davis: These are the moment on this program when there’s a shift. We get past the niceties and doing the interview thing and we begin speaking to the people that are watching that are right now facing the darkest night of the soul. They get of every day. They’re sick and they’re depleted; they’ve stopped living the life that God designed for them to live and they’re asking “What in the world can I do?”

I’ve started facing myself, I’ve started feeling this pain in my joints – inflammation – I’m a young guy, and I eat relatively well! I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to do for the Kingdom – and yet I’m being frozen and paralyzed by this creeping degenerative incurable disease that the medical establishment says that I’ve got to live with and medicate against the rest of my days!!

Dr. Joel Wallach: Neither of those statements are correct.

Damon Davis: Talk to me.

Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 6

Damon Davis: There are people watching that have been on that meri-go-round, that roller coaster – the up and the down, the yo-yo effect of failed diets and you’re saying it’s not just about eating right and it’s not just about exercising. You’ve got to have nutrients infused into your body. To not just tackle the issues of weight, but a whole host of sicknesses and diseases and stuff that people are facing.

Dr. Joel Wallach: 900 different disease could be solved with supplementation. Glaucoma, macular degeneration. Doctors will say, “well there’s nothing we can do about it. You’re going to go blind and there’s nothing we can do.” Well, I took a challenge from an eye doctor about 12 years ago in front of an audience about 300 people. The first question, “my grandmother’s 88 years old she’s been legally blind for six years with macular degeneration, can you do anything about it?” I said, “well yeah, I can get rid of that.”

A doctor jumped up in the back of the room and said “Wallach, you’re a liar, that’s impossible!!” I said, “okay, well who are you?”

He said, “Well, I’m an eye doctor.” I said,

“Ok, tell you what. Let’s have a little bit of a wager here. You give me 12 of your patients who are legally blind, six, eight, ten years from macular degeneration and we’ll put them on my program for, say, 90 days, if I can get half of them, if I can six out of the 12 to read 20/20 in 90 days, will you apologize in public?”

“If you can get two out of the twelve, I’ll apologize!”

Damon Davis: No doubt!

Dr. Joel Wallach: So, the next day he brings me (true story) be brings me a box of 27 charts and says “pick your 12.”

And I said, “wait a minute, why doing we do all 27 of them? And who’s going to pay for all of the supplements?”

And so he says, “I’m going to crow about you losing here if you lose.”

I said, “that’s right, but you’re going to apologize publicly if I win right?” He agreed.

We’re talking about half of them, right? 27, if I can do 12 or 15. In 90 days all of them could read 20/20. Only 2 of required glasses to do it. 25 of them didn’t need glasses. He did better than I asked for. I was expecting him to buy me a dinner and buy me a glass of wine and stand up in a restaurant and say “I want to apologize to Dr. Wallach.” But instead, he made me a CD and told the story in the CD. It’s called Seeing Is Believing.

Damon Davis: Wow. I believe that’s an amazing story by the way.

Dr. Joel Wallach: We do this thousands of times a month.

Damon Davis: I believe people are going to see the results of the information of the information that they will find in this book, Dr. Wallach. I believe there are people whose lives will be forever changed if they apply the strategies found in this book.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well they’re God’s strategies. People say, “what is it!?” It’s “The God Stuff” we call it..

Damon Davis: I mean this is really just “Hey, guess what God did?” If God were sick, which He’ll never be, what would He be doing? I mean these are the answers.

Dr. Joel Wallach: If we’re built in His image and we need them, then He needs them.

Damon Davis: He built our machines to need them.

Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s correct.

Damon Davis: Dr. Wallach, this has so enlightening and quite candidly encouraging to hear to today. To hear that there is hope. To hear that there are things that we can do to make a difference in our lives. And I want to thank you for spending this valuable time with me. We’re going to go to a break to that people watching can understand how they can get their hands on this amazing material. And when we come back, Dr. Wallach is going to share with you one simple strategy that you can take today to make and amazing difference – even today – even without getting the book, that you can apply today that can make a difference in your life.

Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 5

Damon Davis: What about just simple stuff? Arthritis? People watching right now that are on Nexium and a whole host of other pills because their digestive tract is messed up and everything else that’s going on there.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Ok. Well, Nexium is the worst possible thing you can take. If you have reflux it really should be called lactic acid reflux – because what happens is when you don’t have enough stomach acid, you stomach environment is not sterile. Stomach acid has many, many functions – one of which is to sterilize your stomach environment. Nothing will grow in there when it’s acidic.

Now if you’re doing things to alkalize yourself, which many people go out of their way to do, and you’re avoiding salt, which is the raw material your stomach uses to make acid – that’s one of the bad things about avoiding salt, you don’t make enough stomach acid. Chloride from the Sodium Chloride makes Hydrochloric Acid, okay? And so what happens is your PH gets up around four or five – kind of between 1 and neutral and yeast and bacteria will grow in there. That’s about the PH of vinegar. For every time you eat something that has carbohydrates or sugars in it, they’re gonna start fermenting easily. You’ll get gas, bloating, reflux..

Damon Davis: So, the issues of bloating, the issues of acid reflux which doesn’t really exist, all could be solved if we just understood some of the basics?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Salt your food. “But wait a minute! My doctor says I can’t use salt because it causes high blood pressure!”

Damon Davis: That’s exactly what the studies suggest…

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well, it’s failed medical theory. Obesity is not caused by eating too much and lack of exercise!

Damon Davis: But that’s what they say!

Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s right, but following that hundred-year old theory we became the number 1 obese nation in the world. So, that theory was a failed theory because following it and adhering to it – trying to eat less and exercising more we became the number one obese nation in the world – so that’s a failed theory.

It turns out that being obese is a simple nutritional deficiency.


Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 4

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well first of all, if you do have Rheumatoid Arthritis, it’s actually caused by an infection with a bug called mycoplasma. It’s very easy to kill that bug in a couple of weeks and then in a couple of months I can legally say support and promote maintenance, repair of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae.

Damon Davis: You’ve GOT to be kidding me!?

Dr. Joel Wallach: No Sir. I’ve been doing this for 36 years. We do this thousands of times a day.

Damon Davis: Doc, is this what this book is going to tell me? I mean, people that are watching that are facing a whole host of ailments? You’re saying there’s hope?

Dr. Joel Wallach: There’s more than hope. The reversal of these diseases is so easy, for instance, let’s take the disease that is killing us financially in America – diabetes. Type II Diabetes, which makes up 98% of the diabetic population is a deficiency of a single mineral. I could make the United States a diabetes-free country in two months or less. Maybe even two weeks if everyone did exactly the same thing.

Blood sugar is really not the disease, it’s a symptom of the disease. So managing blood sugar – you’re not getting close to dealing with the disease. It kind of like when you have pain when you have Arthritis, you manage pain, the disease keeps getting worse.

Damon Davis: Oh yeah. They put me on pills! And I asked the question: “What next? I don’t wanna just treat what’s going on, I want to get to the root and fix it!” And the answers are, “we are going to help manage your disease.”

Dr. Joel Wallach: ‘Cause that’s where the money is at. If they were to cure you in three weeks, they’d make $300. But, if they treat you for your arthritis for 25 years, they make $750,000.

Damon Davis: Gosh. When you say that, I’m like, “Ok, how much am I spending on this book? That’s going to cut my medical bills very quickly!” Having access to the kind of information that could perhaps not just save my life, but save the lives of so many people around me.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes. Your family, your pastor.

Damon Davis: The reality is if we keep doing what we’ve always been doing, we’re going to stay exactly where we are. But one book could make a difference! One bit of information about what we can do differently could make a difference in the people’s lives that are watching right now. Could this help me if I am facing that horrible death sentence of cancer?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Of course. Cancer is a very easy disease to prevent. If you just cook your meat medium-rare instead of well-done, you’ll reduce your risk of breast cancer ladies by 462%

Damon Davis: What? By just how I cook my meat? Come on doc.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes. This is a large study from the University of South Carolina. “But my doctor says cook it well-done to avoid E.coli!” I’d rather deal with the E.coli than cancer.

Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 2

Damon Davis: Absolutely. So you’ve spent a lifetime studying, researching… I call you a pioneer in discovering what’s really going on inside these bodies. And I must ask you – what is causing so many people to be so unhealthy? The world is sick, Doc! What’s going on out there?

Dr. Joel Wallach: It’s actually quite simple. The reason why we’re sick is we’re not giving out genes and our DNA and our RNA and our telomeres – the little end-caps on our chromosomes – everything they need to maximize their genetic potential which the Good Lord gave us.

One of the things that was really interesting to me was that God made us in his image. And I always thought as a kid “does God have hemorrhoids? does God have heart disease? Does God have diabetes? Does God have ringing in His ears?” And so somehow along the way we’re messing things up.

Damon Davis: But isn’t the food that we eat providing us the kind of nutrition that we need?

Dr. Joel Wallach: No. Just eating well isn’t enough. You have to do more than that. And the Good Lord picked the Garden of Eden to put Adam in because it was the perfect place nutritionally, chemically in the world. Now, it was perfect because there were four rivers dumping into there. It was the first Map Quest. Garden of Eden was East of Eden, four rivers – right? The Tigris, Euphrates, Pison, Gison dumping in there – so that place is still there. It’s the most fertile place on earth. So, God didn’t place Adam just anywhere, He put him in the most fertile place where he had the best chance to be everything he could be.

So, if you look at how minerals are distributed – and minerals make up two-thirds of our 90 essential nutrients – we need 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, 3 essential fatty acids. Whether you’re a humming-bird, a human being or an elephant – any vertebrate needs those 90 essential nutrients.

Damon Davis: Which means that God built us to need them?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes. There are some places on Earth where they’re perfect. And there’s many places on Earth where they’re not. In other words, some gardens might have three minerals in them, some might have 14, some might have 25, some might have 70. People who live in places where there’s 70 are going to live longer and be healthier than the ones that have three.

Damon Davis: So all soil isn’t the same?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Oh no.

Damon Davis: Well then, if I’m buying healthy food at my local grocery store and it looks good, and maybe even tastes great, I don’t know what soil that came from?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Exactly right. That’s our problem. So just cause you’re eating well and eating organic doesn’t mean anything when it comes to nutrition. It means nothing.

Damon Davis: Wow. Does it mean that I’m going to get then all of what – not what my body might need to have, you’re saying what my body must have?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Exactly. Here’s what we did originally. Up until a certain period of time, the universal fuel in the world was wood. You’d burn wood for heat and cooking and so forth. And there was stuff left over, we’d call them ashes. We’d take these minerals that the tree had sucked up out of the ground that didn’t burn when you burned the wood. We’d throw them in the garden and these wood ashes were our sources of nutritional mineral supplementation.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Monday September 4th 1882, that all changes. It was in a heartbeat that it all went away. A man by the name of Thomas Edison pulled the switch of the first commercial electric generating plant and people liked electricity.

What happened here was within ten years, everybody in the industrialized world converted from wood as the universal fuel to electricity. Well here comes the ultimate question: “how many wood ashes are left over every morning when you fuel your house with electricity?”

Damon Davis: Zero.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Zero! And what did we replace that traditional source of nutritional supplementation with? Nothing.

Damon Davis: Then what is happening absent these required nutrients that we’re supposed to have? Is that why our bodes are breaking down? Is that why we’re not healing naturally? I mean, am I getting it??
Dr. Joel Wallach: You got it. We’re not designed to have heart disease. We’re not designed to have diabetes. We’re not designed to have arthritis. We’re not designed to have Alzheimer’s disease. We’re not designed to have periodontal disease and low thyroid. And as we have these things, because the nutrients are missing in our food now

Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 1


Damon Davis: Dr. Wallach, I want to welcome you to 1 On One.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Thank you Damon – I appreciate it.

Damon Davis: Well the hundred and fifty million of these books, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, really across the globe, I hear that people lives are being changed for the better. Share with us the man behind this book if you would, please sir.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Ok. When I was four years-old, I began to have facial ticks and noises and grunting noises and things – today’s it would be called Tourette Syndrome. By the time I was nine, all my friends thought I was possessed. It was bad. I was disabled. My mom to me to a medical doctor, an eye doctor, for some reason. He said “Well, I can’t find anything wrong with him except that he has long eyelashes hitting his glasses, curling back and tickling his eyeballs that’s what’s making all this happen.” Well, I was 9 years old and I knew that wasn’t right.

I grew up on a little farm and before I’d get picked up in the morning to go to school, I had little chores and one of them I’d have to feed the little calves from out of a big bag of alfalfa pellets that were fortified with vitamins and minerals. You’d read the analysis label on it and it would say Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and so forth.

Well, I went to school the next day and began to look for a book – the Nurse’s Handbook. And I looked in the index for eyelash problems, eyelid problems. I got down to index C, cramps – well I was starting to play sports as a 9-year old and so maybe it was cramps. So I looked up it and it said Calcium deficiency. Well, there was Calcium in the pellets.

That day when the bus left me back at home, I started eating those calf pellets. The next morning, I threw the cheerios out to the chickens and put the calf pellets in my cereal bowl with milk. My mom wanted to take them away, my dad let me do it. In three day’s time my Tourette Syndrome was gone.

Damon Davis: Whoa. Doctor, 9 years-old and you’re in a library pulling out reference material trying to discover what’s going on in your body. Now that’s not what normal 9 year-olds do. You have been on a quest to discover what makes this body work since a very little boy.

Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s right. And I knew, just as you said, Damon, no 9 year-old figures this out. And so I knew when I was 9 years-old that this had to guidance from God Himself.