What Makes Dr Wallach Different

Park City Interviews Dr Wallach Dr Glidden

The Park City Interviews: Dr Peter Glidden Interviews Dr Joel Wallach

Part 1

Dr. Glidden: I’m Dr. Peter Glidden. I’m a licensed naturopathic physician and have 25 years of clinical experience helping people to recover their health with science-based, clinically-verified alternatives to drugs and surgery and I’m here with a close, personal friend of mine, my mentor and my colleague – Dr. Joel Wallach. We’re going to be talking today about Dr. Wallach’s ground-breaking medical nutrition information and his very famous lecture Dead Doctors Don’t Lie and an autobiographical book of the same name.

Dr. Wallach: Thank you Dr. Glidden, I appreciate the introduction.

Dr. Glidden: So what makes your view of medicine different from anybody else’s?

Dr. Wallach: Just by way of introduction, for those that don’t know me, the thing that makes me different is that I have a degree in agriculture, I’m a veterinarian, a comparative pathologist and a naturopathic physician for 36 years. It’s a different thing to be a physician and I’ve learned this of course in veterinarian medicine growing up on the farm – a veterinarian would come out to the farm and say “look, your bull here has arthritis in both hips, it will cost you $160,000 for double hip replacement…” BAM! – you’d hear the shot go off as the farmer shoots the bull!

But, as the farmer would have the veterinarian tell him “look, your bull has arthritis, that’s why he can’t breed with cows. But, for a few pennies here I can regrow the cartilage and hips and he’ll be as good as new in 90 days.” And that bull has a new lease on life. Farmer’s happy, he saves his money and he’ll invite the veterinarian back. Now if we use the human system for health care on livestock, it would be so expensive that a dozen eggs would cost you $250 per pound and a hamburger would cost you $500 – just to pay for the health care. So, we invented a system in the livestock industry of prevention. This is how we deal with it – mostly. We can reverse diseases with nutrition, but it’s still a little more expensive than actually preventing disease. So, we work on a herd basis. So, we treat herds as opposed to treating individuals. And as a result, we’ve wiped out Type II diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, MD, heart disease of all kinds, liver disease, fibromyalgia, birth defects like cleft palate, things like cerebral palsy. Early births that require 2-3 months in the incubator… can you imagine the farmer having to put 30% of his calves every spring in an incubator for three months for be can put them in the feed lot? Uhh… hamburgers would cost right about $500.

And so we learned how to deal with all this and it always fascinated me as a kid why we did that for animals and why nobody did the same thing for people. I didn’t pursue it because I was so busy with my animal stuff with Marlin Perkins and saving the white rhino and the elephants in Africa and I was forced of course into treating humans when I was fired for discovered the first non-human cases of cystic fibrosis in rhesus monkeys. When you have that kind of information, I couldn’t bring myself to feel good about going and doing something else. When you have that information, you can save millions of kids… I had to pursue that and that’s how I (Dr Joel Wallach) got into human medicine.


Damon Davis Interview with Dr Joel Wallach Part 4

Dr. Joel Wallach: Well first of all, if you do have Rheumatoid Arthritis, it’s actually caused by an infection with a bug called mycoplasma. It’s very easy to kill that bug in a couple of weeks and then in a couple of months I can legally say support and promote maintenance, repair of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae.

Damon Davis: You’ve GOT to be kidding me!?

Dr. Joel Wallach: No Sir. I’ve been doing this for 36 years. We do this thousands of times a day.

Damon Davis: Doc, is this what this book is going to tell me? I mean, people that are watching that are facing a whole host of ailments? You’re saying there’s hope?

Dr. Joel Wallach: There’s more than hope. The reversal of these diseases is so easy, for instance, let’s take the disease that is killing us financially in America – diabetes. Type II Diabetes, which makes up 98% of the diabetic population is a deficiency of a single mineral. I could make the United States a diabetes-free country in two months or less. Maybe even two weeks if everyone did exactly the same thing.

Blood sugar is really not the disease, it’s a symptom of the disease. So managing blood sugar – you’re not getting close to dealing with the disease. It kind of like when you have pain when you have Arthritis, you manage pain, the disease keeps getting worse.

Damon Davis: Oh yeah. They put me on pills! And I asked the question: “What next? I don’t wanna just treat what’s going on, I want to get to the root and fix it!” And the answers are, “we are going to help manage your disease.”

Dr. Joel Wallach: ‘Cause that’s where the money is at. If they were to cure you in three weeks, they’d make $300. But, if they treat you for your arthritis for 25 years, they make $750,000.

Damon Davis: Gosh. When you say that, I’m like, “Ok, how much am I spending on this book? That’s going to cut my medical bills very quickly!” Having access to the kind of information that could perhaps not just save my life, but save the lives of so many people around me.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes. Your family, your pastor.

Damon Davis: The reality is if we keep doing what we’ve always been doing, we’re going to stay exactly where we are. But one book could make a difference! One bit of information about what we can do differently could make a difference in the people’s lives that are watching right now. Could this help me if I am facing that horrible death sentence of cancer?

Dr. Joel Wallach: Of course. Cancer is a very easy disease to prevent. If you just cook your meat medium-rare instead of well-done, you’ll reduce your risk of breast cancer ladies by 462%

Damon Davis: What? By just how I cook my meat? Come on doc.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes. This is a large study from the University of South Carolina. “But my doctor says cook it well-done to avoid E.coli!” I’d rather deal with the E.coli than cancer.